Best Provo Mexican Food

May 15th, 2013

It seems these days everyone is very particular about how they like their burritos. Yet, I’ve noticed a trend towards a burrito that is meant to be eaten with a fork. Let us end the heresy! It is time for the comeback of the handheld burrito for Provo Mexican food! It is time for Mountain West Burrito!

There is something about holding a warm burrito in your hands. You can feel the glorious weight of a full pound of meat, beans, and rice. A burrito that consequently lifts your spirits as your bring the burrito closer to your mouth.

It somehow takes you back to a time when forks didn’t exist. Eating with your hands is a primal experience. Did cavemen have forks? No, they did not. Our ancient ancestor Ug would be like, “You want me to eat this steak burrito with a fork? Tools are meant to kill the animals. Not eat them. That’s what we have our hands for!” At Mountain West Burrito we agree with our cave man grandpa Ug.

Now, let’s analyze the sloppy alternative. When a burrito covered in sauce and cheese is called enchilada style. There is nothing wrong with this, except that it isn’t a burrito at all. It is an oversized enchilada.

Needless to say, Provo Mexican food has finally been fulfilled with the opening of Mountain West Burrito. All the ingredients are grown locally. You can taste the fresh ingredients which add to the homegrown vibe.

So come enjoy a primal experience. Lift your all natural burrito, with your all natural hands, to your all natural mouth and finally fulfill your handheld burrito fantasy!

Mountain West Burrito
Mountain West Burrito uses only the best local ingredients, when possible, to make the best burritos and Mexican food in Provo.
1796 North 950 West